Local Need

Human trafficking is a tragic reality, not only internationally but also in the United States and even in Ventura County, California. People are being bought and sold in hotels lining the 101 and 118 Freeways, home brothels, “traphouses” disguised as party houses, and other locations yet to be discovered. Local law enforcement and social service agencies are identifying a growing number of victims of different ages, genders, and nationalities.

"Human Trafficking in Ventura County"

  • A Report by the Ventura County Coalition Against Human Trafficking authored by Forever Found Local Program Director.

List of public trafficking cases in Ventura County.

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Local Prevention Programs

Preventing the sale of American children is achieved through multi-pronged efforts including safety education, awareness training, and addressing demand. Where do you fit in the prevention efforts in Ventura County?

  • S.A.F.E. Team

    S.A.F.E. stands for Standing Against Future Exploitation, and is designed to prevent trafficking by providing one-on-one meetings with high-risk youth to discuss safety and assist with identifying potential trafficking victims. 

  • trafficking education

    Our trafficking education presentations are offered free of charge and are suitable for teen and adult audiences of all types: churches, service groups, educators, law enforcement, health care professionals, pregnancy centers, etc. Forever Found provides two presentations covering basic awareness (People for Sale: Human Trafficking 101) and commercial sexual exploitation in California (Harm at Home). Audiences are equipped to understand the problem of human trafficking, identify a potential victim, and respond with informed care. Read more about trainings here.

    “By the end of the training, I felt more informed and more empowered to recognize the disease of child trafficking here in our own town. 

    The training Forever Found offers should be a necessary requirement for every staff member or volunteer serving in any clinic or center.”

    -Yvonne Paul Elliott, RN, Avenues Pregnancy Clinic

  • freedom advocacy

    Freedom Advocates are people of all ages and backgrounds who want to use their unique voice, ideas, time and skills to make a difference. Freedom Advocates give a voice to the voiceless victims of trafficking by representing Forever Found to their communities, resource fairs, businesses, and other strategic events. 

  • strategic church partnerships/outreach

    We partner with local churches through congregation-wide awareness, trainings on victim identification and interaction, ongoing prayer, financial support, volunteerism, and community gatherings.

  • awareness events

    We host an annual Benefit Dinner and awareness events as well as smaller events throughout the year.

Local Intervention Programs

Our intervention programs address the rescue and restoration of child trafficking survivors -- empowering young people to accept freedom and healing.

  • r.e.a.c.h. team

    (805) 261-1212

    REACH stands for Responding to Exploited Adolescents with Care and Hope. The REACH Team is available 24/7 to respond on site within Ventura County to anyone under the age of eighteen who is in a situation of commercial sexual exploitation. Trained staff provide social and emotional support to youth as they transition from a situation of exploitation into a safe environment. The REACH Team focuses solely on the immediate needs of exploited youth—food, clothing, privacy, emotional support, dignity, transportation, etc. The REACH Team does not provide shelter or long term case management but does provide emergency supplies and a list of referrals for longer-term resources. 

    The REACH Team number is (805) 261-1212.

    We Provide:

    • Response within an hour in Ventura County
    • Social and emotional support for CSEC youth
    • Transportation to a safe location in Ventura County
    • A change of clothes for CSEC youth
    • Snacks and water for CSEC youth
    • A toiletry bag for CSEC youth
    • Referrals for longer-term services

    We DO NOT Provide:

    • Emergency or long-term shelter
    • Law enforcement or security
    • Medical care

    Who should use this number?

    The REACH Team is available to support social services, group homes, law enforcement, and other professionals working with exploited youth. We are also able to support youth directly. When giving this number directly to youth, adults should use the opportunity to explain the risks of sexual exploitation on the streets and encourage youth to use this number if they find themselves in a situation of exploitation and are ready to leave that situation for a safe place.

  • survivor mentor program

    This program builds supportive relationships with high-risk youth, current victims, and recovering survivors ages 12-25. It aims to provide support, a mentor team, and an invitation to community to vulnerable youth who have a history of abusive and dysfunctional relationships. Mentors focus on modeling wholesome relationships, encouraging a positive self-identity, teaching life skills, and introducing healthy choices. If you are interested in referring a young person as a mentee, please email our Youth Outreach Coordinator, Crystal Milligan at crystal@foreverfound.org.

  • ventura county coalition against human trafficking (vccahT)

    Forever Found is in active collaboration with other social service providers as a founding and administrative member of the Ventura County Coalition Against Human Trafficking. This network comprises key social service and law enforcement agencies who respond to trafficking cases and support victims. Learn more at www.vccaht.org.

  • law enforcement partnership

    Forever Found is partnering with Ventura County Law Enforcement agencies to fund training and investigation of human trafficking cases. This will allow law enforcement to initiate proactive investigations rather than responding re-actively to tips. 97% of designated donations go directly to trusted law enforcement partners.