• i will not be sold event


    Sponsored by Soroptimist International of Simi Valley, a forum titled “I Will Not Be Sold” took place on Jan. 11, 2018, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, at Santa Susana High School. Participants nearly filled the school’s 422-seat performing arts center.

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  • Human Trafficking in Ventura County

    A Report by the Ventura County Coalition Against Human Trafficking

    The Ventura County Coalition Against Human Trafficking was formed in January 2015 as the first formal response to human trafficking in Ventura County. In this report, member agencies of the Ventura County Coalition Against Human Trafficking have provided both case data and statements regarding their perception of the prevalence of human trafficking within Ventura County in order to create the beginning of a public record on this crime.

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  • It’s hard to imagine, but did you know that young girls are being sold to sex traffickers for less than twenty dollars? Worse yet, in some cases, by their own mothers or family members. These girls (and boys) are then forced into prostitution by the traffickers. Forced to have their little bodies used and abused as sex slaves. And not only are they physically and sexually abused, but their minds and emotions become enslaved and ravaged by unthinkable pain, fear and shame.

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  • A few years ago, Ventura Police Department (VPD) received a call from a hotel in Ventura. The voice on the other line was a 17-year-old girl who was being prostituted. She had grown up in foster care the majority of her life and she had begun being prostituted at age 14. She shared her story with police officer David Ruggiero of Ventura PD.

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  • Authorities are cracking down on human trafficking throughout Ventura County with the help of a special fund created by a local nonprofit.

    The Forever Found Law Enforcement Fund was established in 2014 to finance proactive investigations that aim to identify human trafficking victims in the county and target sexual predators, said Katie Rhodes, local programs director for the Simi Valley-based nonprofit Forever Found.

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  • Ventura police work to combat human trafficking

    Ventura County star - 03.05.2015

    Funding to train officers to combat human trafficking is a problem, police said. Forever Found is accepting donations for the Ventura Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to pay for human-trafficking training and investigations.

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  • Martin was looking for clothing for her grandchildren, but she also had another reason for being in the store that sells gently used and sometimes new items, including purses and shoes, housewares, decorations, and women's clothing.Every purchase made in the store is going to help children victimized by child trafficking and prostitution.

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  • no longer alone

    acorn series, part 2

    Dianne Amato was 16 when she met a pimp in a San Francisco park and he tricked her into going to a hotel room with two other girls. He told her she was going to work for him. He took her shoes and purse so she wouldn’t leave. She left anyway, escaping in the middle of the night.

    The daughter of Italian immigrants, Amato started skipping school and smoking marijuana at 13. When she was 17, her high school boyfriend, whom she described as a “Romeo pimp,” persuaded her to become an exotic dancer to make money.

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  • KFYw live 105.5 radio

    interview with shannon sergey

    KFYW Live 105.5 Radio Interview with Shannon Sergey

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