We develop localized programs that result in near self-sustainability and achieve significant trafficking prevention by addressing the causes in specific geographic regions. Our goal is to stop the cycle of child trafficking in those regions. Looking to expand by 2018.

India Sewing Program

With the purchase of sewing machines and the incorporation of trained seamstresses, growing girls learn hands-on how to sew. This provides not just a sense of self-worth, but a possible means of supporting themselves and feeding their families.

*See the "Get Involved" page for more information on program participation.

Rescue and Restoration 


Rescue and restoration of the millions of international children sold daily is only possible through funding the rescue homes. Rescue homes are on the front lines, adopting these beautiful children out of lives of danger and vulnerability. Funding is only achieved through mass awareness of not just the problem, but the reality that supporting a child overseas tangibly changes a life

Child Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program is tailored to each partner home. Rescued children are incorporated into our program then individual sponsors are recruited to support some of the monthly cost for that child and the home they are in. 100% of sponsor’s monthly donation goes to the child and their rescue home. 0% goes to processing/operations. 

*See the "Become a Child Sponsor" section for more information on individual homes and to join the program as a monthly sponsor.

Urgent Project Campaign

Our Urgent Project Campaigns are designed to meet the largest and most eminent needs of our partner rescue homes, such as lack of permanent housing or clean water.

Clothes Distribution

Through Forever Found’s partnership with large clothing companies, thousands of items of clothing are distributed to our network of Distribution Partners throughout the world.

Partner Vetting and Oversight

How does Forever Found find and partner with a home?

When Forever Found is first introduced to a potential partner rescue home, the home is thoroughly vetted. The legitimacy and honesty of the home staff and their effectiveness - both in practice and geography- are considered. 

The Vetting Process consists of receiving detailed information and examples answering questions and verifying answers in person. Months of relationship building and verification are spent with Rescue Home leaders. An appropriate Forever Found Executive or Director travels in person to meet the children, see how they are cared for and what they were rescued from.

How does Forever Found oversee the Rescue Homes?

  1. Forever Found sends missionaries/representatives on a consistent basis.
  2. Forever Found reviews finance reports and general home updates (via Skype, phone and email).
  3. Forever Found audits each international partner in person. Forever Found staff will travel to each partner home to ensure that sponsor funds are being allocated correctly and children in the sponsorship program are being treated appropriately.