Around the world, children of all ages are being sold, treated as commodities, and told they are only worth as much money as they can make. Today, over 10 million children are victims of modern day slavery, and 152 million children are subject to child labor worldwide. Human trafficking has become the second largest criminal industry in the world, estimating $32 billion-a-year profit. Of all persons trafficked, 4.5 million are sexually exploited. The root cause in most cases is poverty and desperation. We are seeing parents unable to feed their families and lured by "agents" to sell their children in order to survive. (International Labour Organization)

In India, modern day slavery exists through the form of forced child labor, domestic servitude, sexual exploitation, forced begging, and forced marriage. In 2016, the Global Slavery Index reported 18.3 million people in modern slavery in India. According to an Indian government census from 2001, 12.6 million minors between the ages of 5 and 14 who are working in these forced and hazardous ways. But because many children are not officially registered at birth, this number is most likely significantly higher.

International Prevention Programs

Our goal is to create programs surrounding our Rescue Home Partners that result in near self-sustainability and achieve significant trafficking prevention by addressing the causes in each geographic region we work to stop the cycle of child trafficking.

Domestically we also offer:



Freedom Advocacy

Freedom Advocates are people of all ages and backgrounds who want to use their unique voices, ideas, time and skills to make a difference. Freedom Advocates give a voice to the voiceless victims of trafficking by representing Forever Found to their communities at resource fairs, businesses, and other strategic events.

Awareness Events

We host an annual Benefit Dinner as well as smaller awareness events throughout the year.

International Rescue and Restoration Programs 


Rescue and restoration of the millions of international children sold daily is only possible through funding the rescue homes. Rescue homes are on the front lines, adopting these beautiful children out of lives of danger and vulnerability. Funding is only achieved through mass awareness of not just the problem, but the reality that supporting a child overseas tangibly changes a life

Forever Found meets this need by partnering with Rescue Homes around the world that create programs to meet the needs of the rescued children, and through our Forever Found India Rescue Home....

Forever Found India- Ongole

Our Forever Found India home is located in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh and is run by native pastor Vamsi and his wife Patricia Kumar.   There are currently 64 children in the home. Many of the children have been rescued from slave labor in the granite and rock quarries. They worked in very dangerous conditions, doing back-breaking work to earn just enough money for transportation to and from work and maybe enough to eat for the day. In the Forever Found India home, the children receive food, education, a safe place to live, medical attention and are being shown and taught the love of Jesus


Child Sponsorship Partners

Our Sponsorship Program is tailored to each partner home. Rescued children are incorporated into our program then individual sponsors are recruited to support some of the monthly cost for that child and the home they are in. 100% of sponsor’s monthly donation goes to the child and their rescue home. 0% goes to processing/operations. 

*We currently have two Child Sponsorship Partners in Ethiopia and Thailand see the "Become a Child Sponsor" section to join the program as a monthly sponsor or learn more about the homes.

Special Funding Projects

Our Special Funding Projects are designed to meet the largest and most eminent needs of our partner rescue homes, such as lack of permanent housing or clean water.

Housing Project

We are currently in the planning process of buying a property and building a permanent home for Forever Found India. Over the next couple years we hope to complete this project. Once this is underway and completed, we plan to send groups on short term mission trips to help with building projects, vocational training, medical exams and much more. For more information on this or to donate to the building project, contact Corrie at


Child Sponsorship Advocate


A CSA is someone who assumes the responsibility of finding sponsors for one or all of our partner rescue homes.


The time commitment is up to you.


Fill out the Volunteer Application online at and check the CSA box.

The International Programs Coordinator will contact you to schedule a time for a brief training. During the training, you will learn more about the mission of the International Programs Department, our partner rescue homes, and sponsor recruitment strategies we’ve used in the past. We will give you physical sponsorship packets that can be given to sponsors.


Freedom Advocates are people of all ages and backgrounds who want to use their unique voices, ideas, time and skills to make a difference. Freedom Advocates give a voice to the voiceless victims of trafficking by representing Forever Found to their communities at resource fairs, businesses, and other strategic events. For more information contact Vicki at

For more information about our international programs contact our International Programs Coordinator, Corrie at or call our office at 805-306-8018.

Partner Vetting and Oversight

How does Forever Found find and partner with a home?

When Forever Found is first introduced to a potential partner rescue home, the home is thoroughly vetted. The legitimacy and honesty of the home staff and their effectiveness - both in practice and geography- are considered. 

The Vetting Process consists of receiving detailed information and examples answering questions and verifying answers in person. Months of relationship building and verification are spent with Rescue Home leaders. An appropriate Forever Found Executive or Director travels in person to meet the children, see how they are cared for and what they were rescued from.

How does Forever Found oversee the Rescue Homes?

  1. Forever Found sends missionaries/representatives on a consistent basis.
  2. Forever Found reviews finance reports and general home updates (via Skype, phone and email).
  3. Forever Found audits each international partner in person. Forever Found staff will travel to each partner home to ensure that sponsor funds are being allocated correctly and children in the sponsorship program are being treated appropriately.