Sponsorship Advocates

If you would like to become a Child Sponsorship Advocate, fill out our volunteer application and check Child Sponsorship Advocate in the interest field. 

What is a Child Sponsorship Advocate?

A Child Sponsorship Advocate is someone who is willing to take a bundle of Child Sponsorship packets at one time and take on the responsibility to find sponsors for these children. A CSA can also recruit more CSA advocates.

What is the time commitment?

It's up to you. You can host a party at your house, talk to your church, friends, etc. It's really your choice as to how you want to approach it. Be creative, get people excited about the opportunity to help resuce a child.

What is the process for becoming a CSA?

Fill out at information card.

Receive a brief training.

Start planning events to recruit your sponsors.

What do you want to be able to communicate to potential sponsors?

Forever Found is a nonprofit organization that exists to prevent, rescue, and restore child trafficking victims. YOU can be part of the resue team by sponsoring one of our children. Your $35/month provides them with a home, food, education, and medical care. Most importantly, all of our rescued children learn about the love and hope of Jesus.