Host an Event

Are you interested in helping Forever Found raise awareness about child trafficking? Host a get-together in your home, share with your Bible Study or service group, or set-up an information booth at your church, request a speaker for your workplace, stage a paint night, create a fundraiser, and more! The possibilities are endless and we are here to supply you with the materials you need. We can even post your small event on social media if you would like to draw a crowd!

Here are some ways other people have gotten the word out and helped raise funds for rescued children:

  • Host a Bake Sale Awareness Night in your own home. Sell delicious goodies you made and donate the money to Forever Found.
  • In lieu of Wedding Favors - donate $1 to Forever Found. Design a card explaining your donation and include brochure to each guest letting them know about Forever Found's mission.
  • Host a small concert in your backyard highlighting your friends who play music or sing, charge an entrance fee, show a Forever Found video explaining that the money will go to the prevention, rescue and restoration of victims of child trafficking.
  • Host a dinner party with 12 of the most influential people you know. Show a video, pass out information, and even have a guest speaker join you to share about Forever Found.

Please let us know your ideas! Email us at