Survivor Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a survivor mentor. You should have reached this page through a personal invitation from the Local Programs Staff. If that is not the case, please contact Local Program Coordinator Leah Haynes at

1.) Please fill out the form below: 

2.) We will also require a background check which will be sent to you in a separate email after we process your application.

3.) We will review your information and be in touch. Thank you for your desire to serve. For more information about the program and the application process, see below.


Become a role model for a youth learning the truth about her or his value and identity through the survivor mentor program! We are looking for mentors who demonstrate humility, integrity, empathy, wisdom, and health. This program builds supportive relationships with high-risk youth, current victims, and recovering survivors ages 12-25—providing care and community to vulnerable youth who have a history of abusive and dysfunctional relationships. Mentors work as a team to support a youth who is moving through the stages of change associated with a trauma history. Mentors focus on modeling wholesome relationships, encouraging a positive self-identify, teaching life skills, and introducing healthy choices. Being a mentor is a tremendous responsibility, requiring a MINIMUM one year commitment. 

Mentees are admitted to the program directly through Forever Found or through referral by a partner agency.This program is provided free of charge to mentors and mentees.


The application process includes filling out the application, checking references, a background check, a signed statement of faith, and a personalized story of your faith journey. Building a relationship with a trauma survivor can potentially re-traumatize people who have experienced similar hardships. Thus, our screening process includes questions about applicants’ trauma history and emotional health. The number of mentors needed is dependent on the number of mentee referrals we receive. Applicants who match the program needs will be invited to the Mentor Training. Again, because of the sensitive nature of the program, we are unable to take every applicant. 


The mentor training course is a 25-hour course, covering topics such as human trafficking, the effects of trauma, interpersonal communication, boundaries, and safety

-Five in-person, interactive classes (15 hours total)

-Homework (10 hours total)


After satisfactorily completing the mentor training course, mentors will be assigned to a team of two people who support one mentee. The team approach allows mentors to guide and support each other as well as the mentee and gives the mentee access to multiple role models. The team approach also helps to protect against mentor discouragement and fatigue. Mentors commit to their relationships for a minimum of a year.


After the training and mentor assignment, Forever Found staff remains available to coach and guide mentors and survivors. It is important to remember that mentors are not meant to be substitutes for social services but rather a positive support.

Mentors are required to report to Forever Found Staff on a monthly basis to provide updates on how the relationship is going.