LOCATION: Thailand/Burma

FOREVER FOUND PARTNER: Life Impact International

MISSION: "Impact our world... one life at a time with the love and power of Jesus Christ!"

Forever Found is partnered with Life Impact International in Thailand and helps to support their “family style” homes. The goal of Life Impact is to care for “at-risk” children, bringing them into a home and environment where they will find love, healing, and a safe and free place to be a kid again. The organization creates homes where the kids can leave their memories of war, exploitation, and abuse behind them and enter into a new life with a house mother and father, “siblings”, and Jesus. Many of the children they receive are rescued from being taken and sold into Bangkok to be sexually abused and exploited. At their safe home, the children receive the care that they need and gain life skills such as reading, writing, sewing, and loom weaving. More info can be found on their website:

“In this border town, the streets are full of children begging or digging in the trash for food and recyclables.  Abuse is a common occurrence and many of these children will end up being sold or trafficked down to Bangkok, and inevitably, they will end up in child prostitution or another form of slave labor.  But one thing is certain, the children we are able to rescue will forever be safe from harm and have a secure and wonder future ahead of them!” ---Lana Vasquez, Founder and President, Life Impact