LOCATION: Ethiopia

FOREVER FOUND PARTNER: Crisis Aid International

MISSION: Demonstrating God's love and care for people.

Crisis Aid International accomplishes their mission by continuing to target their efforts in "no-go zones" where other organizations cannot or will not go. Frequently this means taking on escalated risks. However, they feel that these risks are a small price to pay in a situation where the stakes are so high: literally, life and death. 

They opened their first Safe Home in March 2007 for young girls rescued from sex trafficking in the red light areas of Addis Ababa. They began with 6 girls and rapidly grew, currently having 7 Safe Homes in Ethiopia. ICA's goal is to rehabilitate 10,000 girls in Ethiopia alone.

Crisis Aid personally rescues from the red light district. ICA President Pat Bradley, the County Director, the Medical Director, and graduates from the Safe Program, along with other staff, go into the red light districts to minister to girls and talk to them about the program. It is then the girl's decisions when and if to come out. Once a girl is rescued, they are taken to a new home where they receive food, shelter, emotional and spiritual counseling, schooling, vocational training, medical care, and a spending allowance. The girls range from 9 to 21 years old.

In addition, Crisis Aid operates a Girl's Home where the majority of the children are orphaned. Because they now have a place to call home, there is less risk of them ever becoming victims.

President and Founder: Pat Bradley

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