Authors & Musicians

The musicians listed are either current donors, or have previously donated their proceeds to Forever Found.

  • Shannon Sergey


    This eclectic album is full of passion and beautiful instrumentation. The songs were written over a 13 year period, and the lyrics describe singer and songwriter Shannon Sergey’s journey of faith.The album’s single, "Daddy" was written about a child rescued from domestic trafficking that Shannon had the pleasure of getting to know.100% of the proceeds goes to support the child trafficking victims in Forever Found’s aftercare homes.

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    An autobiographical book written about Forever Found President Shannon Sergey. It's a book about love, heartbreak, passion, and learning that desperation is beautiful and passion divine when it is directed in the proper place, but devastating when pointed in the wrong direction.100% of the proceeds received from this album will go to rescuing and restoring the victims of child trafficking.

  • Erica Dean


    Erica Dean is a singer, songwriter and author who is using her song writing to rescue child trafficking victims by donating 100% of the proceeds from her CD "Embraced" to Forever Found.

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    Connect with Erica at:

  • George Gabriel


    George Gabriel is a producer and musician who is using his song writing to restore hope to child trafficking victims by donating 100% of the proceeds of his album "Everyday Miracles" to Forever Found.

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  • Christian Wheeler


    Christian Ray Wheeler created a 60 hour, 14-person jazz album consisting of a string heptet, a small woodwind-based jazz combo, and a larger brass-based jazz combo for his senior project. Christian generously agreed to donate 100% of his proceeds from his jazz CD "Maggie" to Forever Found. 

  • Kathryn fairchild

    Author: in the hidden corners of my heart

    In the Hidden Corners of My Heart is a spiritual, packed-with-healing volume that combines life’s struggles and difficulties with God’s love, and which promises to bring joy and the power to heal. Proceeds of this book go to the Simi Valley, California based, Forever Found Foundation, which helps children threatened with inadequate food, hunger, and sickness as well as those enslaved by human trafficking. May the proceeds of this book help improve their health and overall well being.


These handcrafters are either current donors, or have previously donated their proceeds to Forever Found.

  • LauriE J. Steinfeld

    creator of the original wall stamp

    Laurie Steinfeld donates a portion of her proceeds from her wall stamps to Forever Found. 

    CLICK HERE to learn more about Laurie's wall stamps

  • petunia diaries

    Hi! We’re Katie and Jenn! We’re just a couple of moms with childlike hearts for Jesus, passion for God’s truth, and love for our families!

    We were born as cousins, grew to be friends, and then became sisters in Christ!

    Our Grandfather was diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer just before the holiday season. Watching our grandparents suffer broken hearts deeply broke our own. Knowing our grandparents placed their trust in God, we embarked on creating a gift that would remind them of God’s promises every day.

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  • Hana yazbeck

    coasters for a cause

    Hana Yazbek uses her creative and artistic gifts to make coasters and supports trafficking victims by donating the proceeds to Forever Found.

  • chai 4 change

    drink experience change

    Chai 4 Change was started by chai enthusiast Serena Varghese Gonzalez and exists to change children's lives for the better. Their vision is to provide chai to consumers & empower them to create change in their own cities as they consume daily. They partner with organizations locally and globally that helps rescue and rehabilitate child trafficking victims. 

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These photographers either helped with Forever Found media in the past (such as assisting with our brochure, website, etc.) or currently assist Forever Found with media. 

  • Alexis roque nordquist

    adonai & sunshine photography

    Adonai & Sunshine Photography is a socially responsible photography project designed to help rescue children from being trafficked for sexual exploitation. How? Well, it’s simple … 50% of her fee goes directly to Forever Found.

  • Tiana fries


    Tiana has helped photograph all of Forever Found's events by donating her skills as a talented photographer.

  • Meghan christine

    lifestyle photographer

    Meghan is a lifestyle photographer who has used her gift to help Forever Found with their photography needs, specifically the staff headshots on the Forever Found website.

    CLICK HERE to visit her website

  • matthew keoki miller


    Matthew Keoki Miller is an aspiring actor and photographer. Despite having grown up around the world, Matthew knew nothing about the horrors nor the extent of human trafficking until his sister Meagan Martin of Forever Found informed him. He is extremely happy to use his growing love of photography to help those in such extreme need.

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These apparel companies are either current donors, or have previously donated their proceeds to Forever Found.



    Based in Santa Ynez, California,The Reflection Project is a clothing company founded in 2012 by two high school students with the goal of helping human trafficking victims in Indonesia and Thailand find freedom and renewal. Partnering with organizations such as Iris Ministries and Jim Yost Ministries, The Reflection Project was able to create an impact in the lives of sex slaves and oppressed people throughout the world. 

    CLICK HERE to view their website.


    Forever Found is so exciting to be partnering with Shannon Cox of LuLaRoe! Shannon will be donating a portion of the sales from her LuLaRoe clothing starting Nov. 1st, 2016!

    If you would like to place an order you can email Shannon at or message her on Facebook HERE


These multimedia artists helped in creating some of our original works, such as our Promo Video, Not for Sale Video, and our First Documentary

  • Rachel kellogg

    multimedia journalist

    Rachel Kellogg is a multimedia journalist located in Los Angeles, CA. 

    CLICK HERE to view her personal work. 

  • Robert marcarelli


    Robert Marcarelli, is an award-winning filmmaker who is using his over extensive experience in the film and television industries to help Forever Found spread their message and cause to a wide range of viewers.

    CLICK HERE to learn more about his film Not For Sale

  • tony cruz

    director and video producer

    Tony is a director and video producer who is using his skills by completely donating his time and filming videos for Forever Found so they can rescue children from slavery.

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Hotline is a feature film written by Janet Craig Grossman depicting a story of modern day slavery in the United States. Although fictional, it is based on the stories of actual child trafficking victims. The movie shows the trauma of child trafficking but also the hope for rescue.

Forever Found is a grateful recipient of profits from this film.

To learn more about this film, CLICK HERE